A downsizing decision at the department of public works

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A downsizing decision at the department of public works

With the Labor Day holiday behind us, the lower level of activity during the summer usually seen in Trenton City Hall over the summer seems to be over.

City Council meets tomorrow to consider several routine measures of municipal administration as well as several new initiatives from Council members and the Administration.

Some are more worthy than others. A couple of them, frankly, have come out of the blue without any previous discussions, announcements or campaign promises.

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These three measures would, if adopted: That is, to keep what is in place. Rebuild, rehabilitate and restore as necessary, yes. But keep things as they are. Historically designated properties have substantial rules restrictions governing how and under what conditions properties are maintained and restored.

But the underlying assumption is that the properties as they stand are of such historical and cultural significance to their local state and nation that they are to be preserved in perpetuity.

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That often puts major obligations on property owners, whether government, private non-profit, or individual homeowner on how they maintain their properties, especially exteriors.

Have you ever talked to a homeowner who lives in a historic district about window replacement? Well, freshen up your drink, grab a bite, and get prepared for an earful. Councilmembers Rodriguez and Caldwell-Wilson would have us believe that the entire City of Trenton — as it stands today — is of national significance and worthy of historic preservation.

Is every building and structure in the City worthy of preservation, as this Resolution implies? The other derelict houses on Sanford Street, too.

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The legal priority and assumption will be preservation and restoration, not demolition and re-development. It likely would have to have been restored within its empty shell.

Old mansions on Greenwood Avenue near the train station currently slated for replacement one of these days? This Resolution, although it purports to be non-binding, would deliberately set Trenton on a self-limiting path that would likely foreclose any major redevelopment efforts — or make them exceedingly different — for decades to come.

Trenton has several valuable historic assets. Many of them are already listed on the State and National Register. No doubt others deserve to be so recognized, and no doubt will be. But, honestly, the entire City should not be historically protected.

The next item is Resolution Where did this come from? Why does this firm recommend filing in NJ State Court and not joining a Federal class action suit underway?

Is this proposed action to be taken by Trenton alone, or are there other NJ towns involved? What is the potential downside of being part of this case?

If plaintiffs including Trenton lose, what is the liability for costs and countersuits? Overall this Resolution, being presented to Council without any prior open and public discussion about the issue, strikes me as a blank check to an unknown law firm, with unknown objectives, unknown liabilities, and unknown benefits.

Council needs to put the breaks on this one until the whole matter can be fully discussed! This Ordinance would set salary ranges for several city officials significantly higher than they are now.

I have not made similar calculations for the other classifications in the proposal, because I find it outrageous the Administration is introducing this measure now, again without any prior public announcement or discussion.At my place of work, part of my job is to review, approve and sign every piece of business-related items.

Estimates, contracts, purchase orders, expense reports, timecards, checks, etc., etc. These decisions are handed to the legal department, whose primary objective is to reduce the risk of litigation, not to protect the morale and intellectual capital of the organization.

Consequently downsizing is often executed with a brisk, compassionless efficiency that leaves laid-off employees angry and surviving employees feeling helpless. Technical Skills Self-assessment: I make a point of keeping my technical skills as good or better than those of my staff and peers.I maintain an awareness of the evolution of comp and benefit practices, employment law, and computer software, hardware and peripherals.

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A downsizing decision at the department of public works

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