An analysis of the league in many cities

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An analysis of the league in many cities

Analysis[ edit ] Principal city versus metropolitan areas[ edit ] Of these metropolitan areas, the only ones with a team in each sport that plays within the limits of its principal city are ChicagoDenverDetroit and Philadelphia.

In the Twin Cities area, three of the teams play in Minneapolis and one plays in St. Paulalthough all four teams are named after the state of Minnesotanot the individual cities. All other areas have at least one sport represented solely by a team or teams that plays in a city's suburbs.

Smallest population with all four[ edit ] The least-populous metropolitan area with at least one team in each of the four major sports is Denverwhose estimated population is 2, However, Denver is the hub of an urban corridor of about 4.

The largest television market area that has never had a team in the four major leagues is the West Palm Beach-Ft.

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Pierce Florida area, [1] though that is usually considered part of the territory of Miami-area teams. Using the Primary Statistical Areas defined by the U. Census Bureau, the most-populous metropolitan area without a team in any of the four major leagues as of the U.

Census is the Hartford—Springfield area, although several minor professional teams play in the area and is located between the larger metro areas of New York and Boston. Largest population without all four leagues represented[ edit ] After the St.

Louis Rams moved back to Los Angeles, Houstonwhich lacks an NHL team, became the largest metropolitan area that does not have a franchise in all four major professional sports. Los Angeles had been the largest area without all four leagues from to Cities with two teams from one of the four leagues[ edit ] The sport that most commonly has two teams in one metropolitan area is baseball, with multiple teams in ChicagoNew YorkLos Angelesand the San Francisco Bay Area.

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, BostonSt. Louis and Philadelphia also had two baseball franchises New York had three during this timebut one team from each city moved in the s.

Only Chicago has had the same two baseball teams since the American League was established in InPhiladelphia was the largest television market without two baseball teams, with Dallas being the next-largest.

Two teams in each of the four leagues[ edit ] The only areas with at least two franchises in all four sports are New York and Los Angeles, which are the largest and second largest largest cities and the largest metropolitan areas in the United States.

In New York, three of the metro area's nine major sports franchises play outside the city limits and by extension, outside the state of New York: In Los Angeles, three of the areas eight teams play in other cities the Ducks and Angels play in Anaheim, while the Chargers play in Carson but will increase to four in when the Chargers and Rams move to Inglewood upon completion of their new stadium.

Most recent city with a team from each league[ edit ] The most recent city to be added to this list is Los Angeleswhich regained the football Rams in after they had played the prior 21 seasons in St.

States with all four leagues represented, but not in one metro area[ edit ] Among those states that have no metropolitan areas with all four sports, only Ohio has teams in all four major sports: Most populous state without all four sports leagues[ edit ] After the NHL's Atlanta Thrashers moved to Winnipeg and became the Jets inGeorgia became the most populous state without teams in all four sports.

Metro Atlanta became the third-largest metro area at the time not to have teams in all four sports after Los Angeles and Houston. With the return of the Los Angeles Rams inAtlanta became the second largest metro area without all four leagues behind Houston.

The Braves' new stadium is within a small slice of Cobb County that has always had an Atlanta mailing address. Previously, North Carolina had been the most populous state without teams in all four sports, having edged out New Jersey when the southern state's population surpassed the northern one's.

Most populous state with no major league teams[ edit ] Virginia remains the most populous state without a single big-league team in any sport, although residents of Northern Virginia have access to teams in Washington, D. Additionally, two of the four D. Iowa is the most populous state that has neither a major-league team nor a connection to a media market area with a major-league team.

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An analysis of the league in many cities

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