An analysis of the topic of the canadas mountain ranges

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An analysis of the topic of the canadas mountain ranges

Last Edited March 4, Mountain ranges generally belong to the same geological structure, and consist of a series of peaks and ridges surrounded by lowlands and valleys.

There are many mountain ranges in Canada, including the Rocky Mountains, the St. Elias Mountains and the Laurentian Mountains. Previous Next Description A mountain range is a linear arrangement of mountain peaks and ridges surrounded by adjacent lower land or clearly separated from adjacent ranges by intervening valleys.

The mountains of a range are commonly related to a single geological structure or rock formation. A group of related peaks with a circular rather than linear arrangement is called a massif.

An array of mountain ranges, massifs and other topographic elements of related origin comprise a mountain system, and several systems a cordillera. The Cordillera of western North America extends from Mexico to Alaska and includes about 20 mountain systems each composed of many mountain ranges.

Individual mountain ranges may be formed by volcanic eruptions or, more commonly, by differential erosion of an uplifted terrane i. Rapid uplift accompanied by slow erosion results in a plateau. If erosion keeps pace with uplift, streams and glaciers erode away less competent rock, leaving more resistant rock standing as mountain ranges between the valleys.

In Canada, the Rocky Mountains began to decline after an episode of deformation about 70 million years ago. The subdued topography of the ancient Appalachian Mountains is the result of erosion during the million years since the last major uplift and deformation in eastern Canada.

Submarine mountain ranges, which rise from the ocean floor along mid-ocean ridges, such as the mid-Atlantic Ridge and East Pacific Rise, are of volcanic origin.

On the moon and on planets that have little atmosphere, such as Mercury and Mars, circular or crescent-shaped mountain ranges around impact craters have survived for hundreds of millions of years without being destroyed by erosion.

The relief and ruggedness of a mountain range depend on its age. The precipitous, young ranges of the St. Elias Mountains in the southwestern Yukonwhere rapid uplift is still proceeding, include the highest individual peaks in Canada.Wikipedia tells me that 9% of Canada is covered by water.

I thought it would be higher. I thought it would be higher.

An analysis of the topic of the canadas mountain ranges

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An analysis of the topic of the canadas mountain ranges

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