Boo radley journals

It seems to me, though, that the book is very focused on symbolism.

Boo radley journals

The idea of a reading journal is one we're still figuring out in our homeschool, but I try to distinguish it from a written narration.

I never comment on writing style, grammar, or sentence structure for the reading journal entries; they don't even have to be in complete sentences. I'm looking for First Son's thoughts as he reads through a book and themes we may be able to discuss to help him see more than just the plot.

I do not write reading journal questions for all of his books; I try to focus just on the ones he might find confusing or upsetting.

Though I don't think I used any of the questions exactly as written, I found Andrew Moore's study guide on this book helpful when thinking about our reading journal. Chapters Reading journal - Choose one character and tell us what we know about him or her so far. Chapters Reading journal - Tell what you know about the upcoming trial.

What does Atticus expect? What does he fear? Chapters Reading journal - Tell what happened while Jem was reading to Mrs. Dubose and why they were there.

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Chapters Reading journal - Tell what you learn about Calpurnia and what others think of her. Chapters Reading journal - Tell about the lynching party and what happens at the jail OR tell what you know about the Ewell home after Bob Ewell's testimony.

Boo radley journals

Chapters Reading journal - Describe Mayella's testimony. Compare how you respond as the reader with how you imagine the jury and townspeople responded. Chapters Reading journal - Tell about the verdict of the trial and how different characters responded to it.

Chapters Reading journal - Compare the townspeople's reactions to events outside of their hometown in Europe and in Africa with their behavior to "folks right at home. Chapters Reading journal - Describe what happened on the way home from the pageant.

Chapters Reading journal - Tell what you've learned about Boo Radley. There are only eleven weeks of lessons, so there's time for a final writing assignment or exam at the end, if you do that sort of thing.Diary of Boo Radley.

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Show how Boo Radley is important to the novel as a whole.

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Boo Radley is important to the novel as a whole seeing that through this character, the author develops the motif or symbol of the Mockingbird. Secret Diary of Boo Radley August 15th, Dear Diary, The rumors fly.

I can hear hem all the time. From my small, basement window, I can see little kids spying.

Boo radley journals

I know they think I'm crazy but I'm not. It's kind of fun watching through the dusty window. I really like to hear how much the story changes once it passes through several people.

Scout finally meeting Boo The Mockingbirds in the story Dill’s arrival / The children playing the “Boo Radley game Today there was a new boy in the neighborhood the kids say his name is Dill.

I wish I could meet him. They played a new game today that made me . Go BACKWARDS to read my old writing. Stay FORWARDS to comment if I don't know you and you would like to be mutual friends. As always, everything in this journal is my own; words, pictures, creations unless otherwise specified, so please don't take .

Read The Diary Entry of Boo Radley from the story The Miscellaneous Journal by MiracleCrown (K. L. Moffate) with reads. ideas, sneakpeek, miscellaneous. Di Reviews: 1.

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