Business presentation specialist jobs in bangalore

Worse, you need to know how trolls and fakers do their work to create believable posts. You will see how, in just seconds, fakers can create realistic tweets, headlines and rumors. You will learn the four key questions to ask to inoculate you against fake news.

Business presentation specialist jobs in bangalore

When a stoppage occurs with a cold weapon and immediate action has failed, the gunner uses the following procedures. Returns the cocking handle and places the safety to SAFE.

Reloads and continues to fire. Do not try to force the cocking handle to the rear with your foot or a heavy object. This could damage the weapon. Ensures rearward pressure is kept on the cocking handle until the driving spring rod assembly is removed.

Opens the cover and disassembles the gun. The assistant gunner helps the gunner do this. Uses cleaning rod or ruptured cartridge extractor if necessary. If the weapon fails to function properly, the gunner sends it to Combat Arms personnel.

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MB Machine Gun Cleaning and Lubrication Warning Be sure weapons is cleared before disassembly, cleaning, inspecting, transporting and storing. Do not submerge buffer in any liquid. Wipe clean with wiping rag only. At a minimum, the MB should be cleaned after firing a basic load of to 1, rounds.

business presentation specialist jobs in bangalore

The gunner disassembles the MB into its major groups for cleaning. All metal components and surfaces that have been exposed to powder fouling should be cleaned using CLP on a bore-cleaning patch.

CLP is used on the bristles of the receiver brush to clean the receiver. This lubricates and preserves the exposed metal parts during all normal temperature ranges.

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Damage could occur to the weapon. Do not reverse direction of the bore brush while it is in the bore. Remove all carbon dust. Do not use CLP on the collar, gas block, or body. Insert the small reamer into each hole and twist back and forth to remove the carbon apply hand pressure only.

Be sure the tool is fully inserted and seated against the gas cylinder. Apply slight pressure to the handles and turn clockwise to remove carbon. Damage to the fore-end of the gas cylinder could cause gas leakage and subsequent weapon stoppage. Squeeze handles firmly and twist the tool to remove carbon.Apply to 30 Jobs in Bahrain on, best online job portal.

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