Component systems module

Although the agreement funded only a single vehicle, Khrunichev used available spare parts and its own funds to build a backup module, in case the original spacecraft was destroyed or rendered unusable in a launch accident.

Component systems module

Product - application, library, service Module - GUI, core logic, data, etc Component - purpose specific collection of objects Object - collection of primitives Primitive - numbers, functions, etc Product Plain and simple, the Product is a working collection of functional modules.

Module As the very name implies, the motivation of a Module is modularity. Contrary to what many claim, it does not really imply code reuse. It is important to separate different software layers, that makes software much easier to implement and maintain, and should the need to reimplement something like a front end to a different GUI framework, modularity enables that to happen in an easy and safe manner, without breaking code all over the place.

A module encapsulates a collection of components which all serve a common purpose as defined by the module requirements. A module should be self-contained and complete, and while not really usable on its own, it should be able to work in conjunction with any conforming implementation.

Component In terms of granularity the Component sits between the Module and the Object. The purpose of a component is to put together a collection of general purpose objects to form a purpose specific unit.

As the name implies, unlike the Module, the Component is not "self-contained", it is a part of a larger functional whole. Object Objects are the smaller building blocks of components.

Proof of concept & simulation

Objects are collections of primitives and couple them together to serve a lower level, more universal while still somewhat specific purpose. Primitive Primitives are the smallest, simplest and lowest level of software development granularity. There is very little you can do with primitives, and at the same time, it is at a such a low level that you can accomplish practically everything with it.

It is just very, very verbose, insanely complicated and impossibly tedious to accomplish while directly working with primitives. As already mentioned above, working with primitives directly is an extremely bad idea.

Not only because it is impossibly complex, slow and tedious to do for modern day software development, but it is also extremely obtrusive and obstructive to testing and maintenance.

Having all of those conceptual parts incorporated into software development makes it easier, faster, simpler and safer. The same granularity hierarchy is intrinsic to the universe itself, from atoms and even below, to organic molecules, proteins, tissues, organs, organisms and above, reality itself obeys the same principle - combining small, simple, function limited and purpose abstract things into larger, more complex, more functional things and more purpose specific things.

Component systems module

Terminology caveats Technically they are all "objects", they are all "components" of software development, they are all "modular" enough to be able to fit together, they are all "products" in the sense that they have been produced and so on This is not about terminology or nomenclature, it is about how scaling things up and out affects various aspects of creativity and productivity.

And about the importance of not only using all those different levels, but also the importance of not trying to accomplish a goal at the wrong level, which can only be counterproductive.Learn about solar panel system components that make up your residential solar electric system.

(Photovoltaic) System. A brief description of the major components of a Solar Panel (Electric) System. The components vary depending on whether batteries will be used in your system. Solar Panel or PV Module Mounting Systems/5(79).

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Component systems module

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The MLM module for the Russian segment of ISS