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It will become applicable on May 25, This paper critically examines the right to data portability and suggests that in order to ensure comprehensive data portability that reaches out to all relevant stakeholders, including businesses, the provisions in the GDPR need to be analysed by taking into account EU competition rules. It suggests that lessons can be drawn from EU competition law to limit the potential adverse consequences of the right to data portability particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Dynamic business law

C, is a new kind of law firm. We work directly with the owners of companies and their senior staff, meeting regularly and getting to know your business from top to bottom to become part of your team.

Our solution was to do away with the billable hour. In talking with our clients we learned that they do not like being charged for talking to their attorney or having letters cost what seems an extraordinary fee.

We also learned that clients often refrain from seeking legal advice because of the price uncertainty of the legal fees under the billable hour model.

Like other small businesses, we understand businesses need to budget for their needs, including legal fees. We propose to change the fee model and, consequently, the attorney-client relationship dynamic, by aligning our interests with yours and making the legal services your business needs accessible, affordable and certain.

With Tom Briones and his firm, we are confident that we are receiving legal advice that allows us to make good, calculated business decisions. Briones Business Law is an outstanding business law firm!


We don't have the fear of calling our Lawyer when we need some legal help or advice because of the flat rate billing model we use with Briones. What this allows is for Briones Business Law to become much more intimate with our business and goals and therefore providing legal advice that helps us grow with much less risk and exposure to our business.

We feel like we have an internal a legal department but without the high costs. We are very happy.

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Our firm employs several hundred employees in the contract services industry. I would highly recommend Briones Business Law Consulting to any organization. We value his advice and use him on a wide variety of matters, from reviewing contracts to employee issues to regulatorycompliance.

Dynamic business law

He and his staff work closely with our managers and supervisorswhen issues arise. Briones Business Law Consulting, P.Recorded April 20, in New York City. BUSINESS LAW BASICS: FILL IN THE GAPS MCLE Credits in Areas of Professional Practice. New to the practice area or just need a refresher?

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University of Denver Sturm College of Law Offers New Professional Part-Time JD Program. A dynamic, forward-looking law firm.

Dynamic business law

As a dynamic, forward-looking law firm, Stevenson, Wong & Co. provides effective solutions for clients facing a variety of business and legal issues.

What is CBO’s estimate of the deficit for ?

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What was the budget deficit for ? CBO’s latest estimate (reported in May ) is that, if the laws governing taxes and spending generally remain unchanged in fiscal year (which ends on September 30), the deficit for the year will total $ billion, equal to percent of gross domestic product (GDP).

We are a top law firm in New York concentrating in real estate,health care,trusts & estates,business & corporate,not-for-profit,litigation,matrimonial & family law,intellectual property and consisting of a passionate team responsible for some of the most prestigious matters and successful cases.

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