Elf application writing activity

We used the ELF program to screen all of our Year 2 students at the beginning of this year This program with solid classroom teaching has achieved amazing results. The use of body movements with explicit teaching of sounds and blending and gross motor work has been loved and appreciated by the students and myself.

Elf application writing activity

Happy World Emoji Day. This post is filled with fun emoji ideas and a fabulous emoji surprise giveaway. Emojis are everywhere… stores, food, jewelry, clothes, commercials and even in the classroom. So what can you do with Emojis in your classroom??? Students totally love having fun with Emojis.

Make an Emoji Pic Collage. Pic Collage Kids has so many options. Projects from students are always amazing and so creative. First have students take a photo of themselves using the normal camera or twist it up a bit and use the iPad Photo Booth app, Snapchat, or MSQRD app to make a fun different face photo.

Students make a collage and talk about it with friends. You could also have them type out or write out things to explain their collage to the class. Each emoji is added as text to the collage. Send a join request if you are interested in checking it out.

elf application writing activity

We started the group to share, collaborate, and learn more about using technology in the classroom with others. My students love doing her activities. All you do is print and add dice. It could be used as a whole class writing activity where everyone writes about the same thing.

elf application writing activity

Have all girls write about something and boys write about something else. Print the prompts and writing paper and add a dice. Kids roll the dice and begin to write. It even comes with a simple grading rubric for students to grade themselves and teachers put their score on it too.The activity combines reading for gist, for detail, identifying vocabulary and identifying parts of speech.

An extension activity gives learners an opportunity to write a similar short text, using the same elements of grammar to tell a story about a decision that changed events. REPORT ON SECTION SELF‐EVALUATION OF HUD CONDUCTED PROGRAMS AND ACTIVITIES – PHASE I INTRODUCTION 1. PURPOSE The purpose of this draft report is to present the results of the U.S.

Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (Department or HUD) self-evaluation of HUD-conducted programs and. Elf Application - Students must fill out application to be one of Santa's elves, and write a letter explaining why they would be great at the job - cute idea for persuasive writing as we get closer to break and out of control.

Editorial Teaching and learning in English in parallel-language and ELF settings: debates, concerns and realities in higher education This special issue of Ibérica is dedicated to the use of English in . Free Elf Hunt via Rachel Lynette on TPT.

Christmas Tree Wrap Race via Mrs. Lewis’ Learning Library. Elf application freebie via Kindergarten Squared. I Spy Ornaments via U Create with Kids *** Don’t leave yet!

We have plenty of ideas to keep your classes and kids busy until the holiday. Elf Application Rubric. Persuasive Writing Planning Sheet. The Great Owls of Imagination. Writing Conventions Grammar English Language Arts Spelling English Language Arts Work Habits Neatness and effort 3 1 Documents Similar To Zine Rubric.

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Kindergarten Squared: Freebie Elf Applications!