Extended essay ideas english b

Sample short essays on G. You may be viable for getting a scholarship or a grant based on what you score in this assignment. It is essential for students to keep the details and requirements by their teachers in mind while attempting such papers. If your instructor or professor wants you to follow a specific style and address a particular subject in your paper, then you cannot ignore to do so.

Extended essay ideas english b

It is your personal work from start to finish. You come up with the idea: You plan the shape and order of the essay: You do the research: You put it all together in a logical manner: You write or type it all out: You prepare the photocopies of it: You personally hand in copies to your supervisor and then the IB coordinator by the deadline given and You take all the credit!

Parental, teacher and even supervisor help must be limited to advice only.

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You are expected to spend some 40 hours working on this in total. Let us put this into perspective… This is much less than one hour per school week all the way up to the deadline Extended essay ideas english b is less than 5 minutes a day! The thing to avoid is leaving this all to the last moment as you would have to rush through it and that is going to be very apparent.

Any essay that you write must be about a subject that you can investigate thoroughly and research to the best of your ability.

Choose a subject that you are interested in and willing to find out lots more about because of that interest and one that is not too broad a subject. I will give you some ideas in chapter 3 about this. Ideally it should relate to one of the subjects that you are studying but in all cases it must fall into one of the categories tested by the IB in a given year see the attached list of essay subject groups- Appendix 1.

This should be clear and decisive right from the start. The essay must not exceed words writing more will be penalised and must be neatly presented but no matter how pretty it is, it is the content that counts!

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You have to show that that you have really understood the topic and gone into detail — a certain enthusiasm for it should be apparent in your text and many sources should be referred to.

Remember that your essay should not just be about ideas similar to yours. You can include others. Feel free to disagree by all means and say so but remember to justify your reasoning.

Correct analysis and an objective view of other opinions is expected from you and should be included. If you want to look at previous essays done by students here at school since rendered anonymous of course you should specifically ask your IB coordinator.

A listing of essay titles that have previously been submitted from IB schools around the world is to be found at the back of this guide as appendix 2. It is taken for granted that each extended essay will have a certain format made up of the following components placed in this order….

The maximum word limit for it is This should be written after the essay is completed. It is to be put immediately after the title page. Obviously all pages need to be numbered.

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You will be glad to know however that an index is not required. Try not to stray away from the subject and present clear arguments for the viewpoint stated every time. If you remain undecided at the end of your essay then this is a valid conclusion provided that this is what your evidence suggests.

You are not expected to make a scientific breakthrough or come up with a novel view of History but are supposed to be able to present a reasoned appraisal of all the information presented. You must provide full and complete references to all your sources. Internet based information must cite the web address, the subfile, the date you accessed the site and the author where this is possible.

Magazine information should state the name of the periodical, the volume or edition number, the appearance date, the editor or publisher and article details title and author and even page numbers! Books or Television programmes must be similarly identified.

Any citation used by you should also be referenced here.Your Extended Essay must reflect your own research and writing.

Use either the "Subpage" links below, or expand the "Extended Essay Exemplars" on the left bar to access the various subject exemplars.

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Dec 17,  · I'm a junior in the IB program and this year I have to do the Extended Essay. I have to choose a topic by tomorrow. Can anybody give me ideas for good topics? I have an interest in physics, chemistry, astronomy especially, and some attheheels.com: Resolved.

English B Extended Essay Outline OFS: /5 Session Thursday, February 13, EE Overview •The extended essay is an in-depth study of a focused topic. • It is intended to promote high-level research and writing skills, intellectual discovery and creativity.

Extended essay ideas english b

in which ideas and findings are. My Extended Essay title was: "To what extent are Shakespeare's plays universal in time and setting with special reference to Matthew Warchus' production of the Winter's Tale".

I wrote it for Theatre Arts and gave research of practical, theoretical and interpretational nature. 50 Excellent Extended Essay - East Hartford Public Schools. Beginning their extended essay ideas click here to literature extended essay topics ib essay ideas this section. key essay topic, to write an extended essay topics english essay ideas middle school type b research paper on immigration policy.

I.B. LANGUAGE B EXTENDED ESSAY by adriana forero on Prezi