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Richard Murray learned about them when he spent two years working for United Technologies, the parent company for Pratt. Goals - a high level description of what you want to accomplish, in plain English.

Gotcha paper

Share via Email Most people probably think of the Falklands war as Thatcher's war. For me - and, I suspect, for a good many other journalists, that bizarre spasm of post-imperial imperialism was really the Sun's war.

Or, to be more precise, Kelvin's war.

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Kelvin MacKenzie's Falklands coverage - xenophobic, bloody-minded, ruthless, often reckless, black-humoured and ultimately triumphalist - captured the zeitgeist. Here was a new Britain and a new kind of newspaper heralding the emergence of a transformed culture.

I was assistant editor to MacKenzie and anything but a gung-ho war supporter. When news broke of the invasion, I was on holiday and read with amusement in the Times of Malta Gotcha paper Thatcher was contemplating sending a task force to oust the Argentinians.

Gotcha paper

On returning to the Sun I remarked to features editor Wendy Henry that it was a ridiculous expedition. News editor Tom Petrie was wearing some sort of naval officer's cap and told me he now wished to be known as Commander Petrie. A map Gotcha paper the south Atlantic was pinned on the board behind him under a picture of Winston Churchill.

Gotcha paper

Reporter Muriel Burden, who ran a pen pals service, was christened the "Darling of the Fleet". I soon realised that Bouverie Street was the unofficial war office with MacKenzie playing chief of staff and Petrie as his aide-de-camp.

The Sun heralded the retaking of South Georgia with the headline: A couple of days later, seizing on unconfirmed reports about a landing on the main islands, it jumped the gun with a story headlined "IN WE GO! A Sun missile for Galtieri's gauchos.

It exploded as advertised.

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His plane was in flames. By chance, the war coincided with a pay strike by the journalists' union so, on the evening of May 2, only a dozen executives, including me, were producing the paper when the first genuinely dramatic war news broke.

A news agency reported that the General Belgrano had been hit. Wendy Henry shouted "Gotcha! MacKenzie seized on it and designed a front page which said: Our lads sink gunboat and hole cruiser. It dawned on us that there might have been a huge loss of life, and as Petrie read the agency reports aloud, the mood changed.

Realising that "Gotcha" might be inappropriate, MacKenzie drew up another front page with a new headline: MacKenzie disagreed and subsequent editions carried the less controversial line.

Without a strike, it's likely that the original page one would have been altered so quickly that few copies would have left the building. But the time it took to make the change ensured that hundreds of thousands of the first edition were published and "Gotcha" came to symbolise ever after the Sun's, and MacKenzie's, cynical, jingoistic, bloodthirsty war coverage.

Despite his change of heart, MacKenzie happily embraced the legend of "Gotcha". Hundreds of Argies saved from Atlantic", played down the fact that men were killed.

Later, comparing death to a game of football, MacKenzie produced the headline: A Sun leader spoke of "the traitors in our midst", such as "the timorous, whining Mirror" and, incidentally, "the pygmy Guardian".

MacKenzie was making an overt attempt to win over the Mirror's audience by appealing to their sense of patriotism. The Mirror hit back with an editorial headlined "The Harlot of Fleet Street", which called the Sun "coarse and demented", a paper which had "fallen from the gutter to the sewer", and concluded: MacKenzie, convinced that he was properly articulating his readers' views, was unconcerned.Our collection of photo galleries from our award winning photographers from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

5 days ago · Henrico gotcha paper virginia The Search Incident Crime Reports, Search Calls for Service, and Search Arrest Report pages provide search capability of publicly available Police data. Gotcha!, the weekly crime newspaper that started in , ceased publication with .

The Search Incident Crime Reports, Search Calls for Service, and Search Arrest Report pages provide search capability of publicly available Police data.

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