Omeed momeni thesis

His research interests include mm-wave and terahertz integrated circuits and systems.

Omeed momeni thesis

HH Group Archives - CHIC Contact Ehsan Afshari was born in
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Prof. Omeed Momeni Tenure Contact Ehsan Afshari was born in He received the B.
Expanding the Data Highway - College of Engineering UC Davis Using this technique, in a 0. Next, we introduce a novel triple-push structure to realize GHz and GHz oscillators.
EE Academic Genealogy Project His research interests include mm-wave and terahertz integrated circuits and systems.

Students from various schools across California gathered together in the UC Davis ARC Ballroom to compete in the racecar competitions divided into the three categories of undergraduates, juniors, and alumni.

The competition was close, as there was a wide variety of types of cars used and many variable factors in winning the race. Although their car was unable to stop automatically within the required distance at the finish line, the car was the fastest and performed very well with the turns on the track.

Coming in second through sixth places were teams from UC Davis, with completion times ranging from These cars tended to overshoot the turns, but had the ability to successfully stop very quickly.

More information about the results from the competition and videos of each of the racecars can be found on the Natcar website results page. Participants ranged from college students to as young as elementary school students. The junior high and high school students were introduced to the Natcar project and also mentored by Fullerton College students.

This allowed both sides of the parties to have an amazing opportunity to teach and learn the ways of designing and creating a racecar.

Omeed momeni thesis

The young third graders focused on programming their Arduino-based car. Natcar is a great opportunity for creating new connections with like-minded people from other schools in California. Students are clearly supportive of their peers and fellow competitors despite Natcar being a competition.

Omeed momeni thesis

With this mindset and comradery, the students can achieve anything they work hard for. More information about the competition can be found at the Natcar website and on the Natcar YouTube channel.Thesis: Design and Implementation of a Delay-Locked-Loop-Based Clock and Data Recovery in nm CMOS.

Current position: Staff IC Design Engineer, Inphi Corporation, San Francisco Bay Area, CA. 1. Weiteh (Denis) Lin; M.S. Professor Omeed Momeni, Ph.D. from Cornell University, Assistant Professor of UC Davis. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS—II: EXPRESS BRIEFS, VOL.

57, NO. 12, DECEMBER A Gb/s Inductorless Transimpedance Amplifier Omeed Momeni, Student Member, IEEE, Hossein Hashemi, Member, IEEE, and Ehsan Afshari, Member, IEEE Abstract—A new technique to design an inductorless transim- pedance amplifier (TIA) is introduced.

Omeed Momeni Assistant Professor UC Davis. Ph.D. Cornell University, Ehsan Afshari Prof. Momeni is the recipient of the Best Ph.D. Thesis Award from the Cornell ECE Department in , the Outstanding Graduate Award from Association of Professors and Scholars of Iranian Heritage (APSIH) in , the Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE.

Ehsan Afshari was born in He received the degree in Electronics Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran and the M.S.

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and Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, in , and , respectively. Michelle Annett's thesis sought to understand the usability barriers and tensions that have prevented stylus input from gaining traction and reaching widespread adoption.

This article in particular explores the limits of human latency perception and evaluates solutions to unintended touch. Omeed Momeni, and Ehsan Afshari, High Power Terahertz and Millimeter-Wave Oscillator Design: A Systematic Approach, IEEE Journal of solid-state circuits, vol.

46, no. 3, pp. , March Raleigh Smith, Tuning of the Relative Phases of a Rotary Travelling Wave Oscillator, M. Sc. Thesis, Higuera Gonzalez, Caraterizaci ´on de.

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