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A Reversal of Fortune: The weaker paper producers declared bankruptcy and many paper mills ceased production. At the same time, the stronger players have been on a conversion binge, jettisoning the production of printing grades in favor of the paperboard and containerboard grades used to produce folding cartons, corrugated boxes and other types of packaging. Corrugated Gets Glam — May

Paper target

My Tweets Nature journal retracts controversial CRISPR paper after authors admit results may be wrong Nature Methods has retracted Paper target paper Paper target a common gene editing technique may cause widespread collateral damage to the genome.

The notice has a long backstory: After the paper was published, it immediately drew an outcry from critics including representatives from companies who sell the tool, whose stock fell after publication.

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Some critics argued that the authors, led by Vinit B. Only months after the paper appeared, the journal issued an expression of concern about the article.

In a new preprint posted on BioRxiv on Monday, the authors concede that their critics may be right. The paper was a peer reviewed Correspondence in the journal. The authors made their observation as part of their work on correction of a gene involved in blindness.

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The assumption was that this design was sufficient to control for genetic variation in an inbred strain. The study is therefore being retracted to maintain the accuracy of the scientific record. The question of whether or not CRISPR has effects on the in vivo genome will require further study; the authors are carrying out follow up studies using whole genome sequencing.

First and foremost, I trust you noted that our Nature correspondence was free from any scientific misconduct or misrepresentation. At its core, our correspondence was analogous to a case report, which by definition lacks the degree of scientific rigor expected in a full research article.

Nevertheless, such case reports are published in esteemed clinical journals, including NEJM. Since our Nature submission, it has become open to question whether or not the variants in inbred mice are due to non-clonality or CRISPR.

Therefore, we ultimately agree with the retraction given that more WGS should be performed to preserve scientific rigor. It is only then that any definite conclusions can be made.

This seems like a great example of rapidly self-correcting science. I was never worried.

Paper target

Some investors look for opportunities to sell high then buy back low and then watch the rebound — based more on herd psychology than lab science. Without a more direct assessment of the background variation in the animals used for the experiment, it is not possible to determine whether the variants reported by Schaefer et al.

Paper target

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Shop Shooting Targets, Target Stands, Steel Targets and Paper Targets and Shooting from Alco Target Company. Nature Methods has retracted a paper suggesting a common gene editing technique may cause widespread collateral damage to the genome.

The notice has a long backstory: After the paper was published, it immediately drew an outcry from critics (including representatives from companies who sell .

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