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First of all, I would like to thank to Universiti Malaysia Sarawak UNIMAS for every support and effort in making sure that all the students will be able to take their final year project, which is one of the prerequisites for graduation.

Rosmariani binti ab ghani 1

Without the strength, knowledge and good health awarded to me it would be impossible to complete this study.

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My sincere gratitude to my research supervisor, Dr. Zainal Ariffin Ahmad and cosupervisor, Dr. Anees Janee Ali, who have coached and gave their invaluable advice throughout this project.

In appreciation to the support of my beloved family, for the patience, understanding and encouragement given throughout this study and my MBA. Shadi, Feras, and Malek. I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to my lecturers and staff of the School of Management, USM for their support and assistance throughout my MBA courses.

Beside that I shall not forgot my colleagues and fiends who gave me encouragement and support Rosmariani binti ab ghani 1 my MBA courses. I would like also to thank the management of the four factories that share their opinions and experience by allowing me to distribute the present study questionnaire on their factories.

Discussion and Conclusion 5. Pasaran global dan domestik menjadi semakin mencabar. Untuk terus kekal dan berjaya di pasaran, organisasi harus mempunyai kelebihan kompetitif. Pekerja yang mahir adalah satu kelebihan kepada organisasi untuk mereka terus bersaing.

Latihan adalah satu cara yang boleh digunakan oleh organisasi untuk meningkatkan skil para pekerja. Latihan kakitangan melibatkan kos yang tinggi dan secara amnya kebanyakan program latihan tidak mencapai matlamatnya disebabkan wujudnya pelbagai masalah dan halangan.

Kajian ini melihat kesan sokongan yang diberikan oleh penyelia dan rakan sekerja terhadap latihan yang telah diikuti oleh seseorang pekerja. Kajian ini juga mengkaji kaitan antara kesan moderator seperti latar belakang pendidikan, pengalaman kerja dan tempoh masa latihan dengan perpindahan pengetahuan yang dipelajari semasa latihan ke tempat kerja.

Kajian ini dijalankan dalam kalangan orang operator pengeluaran yang menjadi responden utama kajian ini di empat buah kilang di sekitar Pulau Pinang.

Hasil kajian menunjukkan bahawa sokongan yang diberikan oleh penyelia dan rakan sekerja membantu dalam proses perpindahan pengetahuan latihan ke tempat kerja. Kajian ini juga mendapati latar belakang pendidikan dan pengalaman kerja boleh memoderatkan kesan sokongan yang diberikan oleh penyelia terhadap pekerjanya.

Walau bagaimanapun, tempoh latihan tidak memberi sebarang kesan. Hasil kajian bagaimanapun tidak menunjukkan sebarang kaitan antara latar belakang pendidikan, pengalaman kerja dan tempoh latihan dengan sokongan yang diberikan oleh para pekerja di dalam proses perpindahan pengetahuan latihan.

The global and the domestic market are becoming more competitive. To survive and keep their existing on the market, companies should acquire competitive advantages. Rahim Bin.

Skilled employees and workers is one of the most important advantages that companies can take over their competitors. Training is on of the ways that companies follow to improve their employees' skills. Training is costly, and generally speaking, training programs does not achieve theirs goals, due to many problems and barriers.

The present study looks at the effect of supervisors support and co-workers support on transfer of training, and the moderating effects of educational background, working experience, and duration of training on the relationship between supervisors support and co-workers support and transfer of training.

The present study was carried out among operator s level at four factories in the Island of Penang. The results indicate that supervisor support and co-workers support significantly affect the transfer of training process.

Also the present study found that, educational background and duration of training did not moderate the effect of supervisor support on transfer of training, while working experience moderates the relationship between perceived supervisors support and transfer of training.

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Furthermore the results of the present study indicate that working experience moderate the relationship between perceived coworkers support and transfer of training.

Working experience has no effect on the relationship between perceived coworkers support and transfer of training.Mohd Ruddin Ab Ghani Jano Zanariah Solar energy is one of the more attractive renewable energy sources that can be used as an input energy source for heat engines.

Puan Nur Laili Binti Ab Ghani Time: AM - PM Tuesday, Dec Wednesday, Dec ZCMC 1 Malaysian Capital Market: Overview and Financial Analysis Bangi BS2 (Set) Campus location: Room: Datin Zameema Banu Mohamad Ariff Time: AM - PM Thursday, August 30, Page 8 of epmy – rosmariani bt abdul gani epmy – rosmariani bt abdul gani epmy – ning epmy – norsyahida bt damanhuri epmy – noor syahadah bt abd aziz epmy – norsiha bt sulaiman epmy – norihan mohamad epmy – farah jihan bt .

1, zaitun binti dato mohd kassim,saf .sabb saax saaf badaria binti attheheels.comus bin bin badariah binti maq baharudin bin attheheels.comn bin bahaiqbar bin abu latip bin attheheels.comddin bin RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN WORK MOTIVATION AND JOB PERFORMANCE: ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENT AS A MEDIATOR ROSMARIANI BINTI AB GHANI This project is submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Science with Honours.

Rosmariani binti ab ghani 1

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