The early life and political career of abraham lincoln

Defenders of honor or shoot-on-sight vigilantes?

The early life and political career of abraham lincoln

Douglas University of Illinois Press, A hero requires a worthy antagonist. Douglas was that antagonist for Abraham Lincoln in the period from to The struggle between Lincoln and Douglas was a struggle of values and public policy that had an lasting impact on the country.

Douglas was born in Vermont, educated in New York, and came to fame in Illinois as a lawyer, judge, legislator and candidate for President. He was one of a series of remarkable men who came to political maturity in Illinois in the s and s.

Douglas a nationalist, an activist and an advocate for the development of the American Midwest and West. Beginning in the s, Mr. Lincoln faced off against Douglas in courtrooms, in the legislature, and in debate.

Lincoln law partner William P. I always found Douglas at the bar to be a broad, fair, and liberal-minded man. Although not a thorough student of the law his large fund of good commonsense kept him in the front rank.

He was equally generous and courteous, and he never stooped to gain a case. I know that Lincoln entertained the same view of him. It was only in politics that Douglas demonstrated any want of inflexibility and rectitude, and then only did Lincoln manifest a lack of faith in his morals.

Massachusetts Congressman John B.

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He went with me from the Senate Chamber to the House of Representatives, of which I was then a member, and a small squad of Republicans gathered around him to hear him read the telegram.

He has probably split as many rails as I have made secretary and bureau cases. Lincoln, Douglas got the quicker start in life and early moved farther ahead.

Lincoln moved to Illinois when he was 21, Douglas when he was Lincoln got to know Douglas when they served together in the state legislature in the lates in Vandalia and subsequently hung out together at night at the general storeowned by Joshua F.

Speed in Springfield, There the issues of the day were debated. Lincoln scholar Joseph E. Finally Douglas bounced out of his chair, declaring: We will discuss the questions publicly with you.

The following evening the two parties chose their spokesmen: Baker, and Orville H. Browning for the Whigs. For the final two weeks of the year, the opposing sides met regularly at the Second Presbyterian Church with Mr.

The early life and political career of abraham lincoln

Lincoln attacking the Van Buren Administration subtreasury scheme and Democratic corruption. Lincoln actively participated and for the Lincoln-Douglas debates of Lincoln at this event.

Indeed, Douglas is said to have courted Miss Todd during this period.

The early life and political career of abraham lincoln

That year, Abraham Lincoln began his single term of service in the House before retiring to practice law. He believed in the war, and did not object to the acquisition through the war of new territory. He looked with longing eyes toward the vast region west of that we had acquired by the Louisiana Purchase.The story, as Parson Weems tells it, is that in a strapping young militia officer named George Washington argued with a smaller man, one William Payne, who made up for the disparity in size.

This is a really old movie with a noisy sound track and techniques from the early days of film making. There are a couple of other Lincoln movies that are better; but this movie is worth watching. Winner of the Lincoln Prize Acclaimed historian Doris Kearns Goodwin illuminates Abraham Lincoln's political genius in this highly original work, as the one-term congressman and prairie lawyer rises from obscurity to prevail over three gifted rivals of national reputation to become president.

Short Biography of Abraham Lincoln: Fast Overview of his Life Facts and Info: Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of America who led the Union into the American Civil war () to preserve the nation and end slavery. He was assassinated five days after the Confederate armies surrendered.

Lincoln in Library of Congress: Pre-Presidential Political Timeline At age 23, with no real qualifications and a very limited formal education, Abraham Lincoln ran for his first Illinois political . Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas. Library of Congress Reference Number: LC-DIG-pga Featured Book.

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Robert W. Johannsen, The Frontier, the Union and Stephen A. Douglas (University of Illinois Press, ).

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