Triumph of the will point of

Thanks for the explanation. It states that distribution of unconsititional propaganda in Germany is forbidden, except for educational purposes. Symbols are not the main problem with this film. This is taken verbatim from a conversation I had with the editor of Das Blaue Licht.

Triumph of the will point of

Spoilers Triumph Des Willens, as Triumph of the will point of is called in German, was a very successful film directed and filmed by Leni Riefenstahl who was contracted by the German Propaganda Ministry in After having watched it for the first time, I was both shocked and impressed by the passionate, careful and yet forceful speeches by Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess.

The organization and structure of the movie was just too perfect to be true. It was unreal to see over two-hundred thousand German soldiers aligned in perfect columns and not having it be some effect created in 3D Studio Max 8 as seen in the Lord of the Rings and the Star Wars Saga.

Cameras were put on the ground, rolled on carts, pulled up with ropes and were constantly moving. One of the most prominent camera angles throughout the film is when Hitler is pictured from below.

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This angle puts out the effect that Hitler is bigger and higher up than everything else. It is a shot used purely for propaganda but is also an innovative shot created by Riefenstahl.

Triumph of the will point of

The perfectly choreographed marches, powerful speeches and amazing camera angles worked extremely well together and put out a seemingly harmless product. After having researched a bit more about the way people have reacted to the movie nowadays I was quite surprised to find a very diverse group of answers.

While quite a few people have condemned the movie and stated that it was produced by a bunch of fascist bastards about an even more fascist nation that should suffer even today for its history, I have also read many insightful comments. It came to my attention that in order to understand the movie entirely you have to put yourself back into At that time no one was expecting the extermination of the Jews and they saw Hitler as a person to look up to.

After WWI, Germany was destroyed financially due to the reparations and was suffering from an economic depression. During that time Adolph Hitler came around and began speaking on how he would improve the current situation. Unlike most politicians, he actually also fulfilled his promises which increased his reputation with the public dramatically until finally he overtook the government and made Germany back into a prospering nation.

So now, it is actually quite easy to understand the movie; it is basically just a documentary on a series of events based around the Sixth Nuremburg Party Congress that shows German nationalism.

On a different note, the cinematography in Triumph of the Will was superb. Leni Riefenstahl was a true innovator. Within Triumph of the Will she constantly used moving shots, crane shots, close ups, and also a few static shots.

In one scene, where Adolph Hitler, Lutze and Himmler walk down a long path in between rows and rows of soldiers, she uses a great overhead shot of the entire scene. It was especially hard since I understood what the people were saying in their speeches, which had an immensely greater influence on me than any other person.

After my second viewing and rethinking about the Nazi movement, I regained my objectivity and dismissed any sympathy for the speakers since after all, they may have been talented, magnanimous speakers but they were still leaders of the Nazi party and the Waffen SS. Most of us are used to the amazing Dolby Digital 7.

I think the distortion is simply part of the viewing experience when watching a Nazi propaganda film. Triumph of the Will is quite a tough film. As a German, I thought it was necessary to witness the events that happened within my country.

It is also necessary to understand that in the year this film was made;only a few concentration camps had already opened and they were in fact at that time, only for those Jews who opposed the Nazi movement and not for all Jews.

Look it up and then watch the movie. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.

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Leni Riefenstahl was the first and, so far, only female genius when it came to film-making. Her innovative uses of the camera, lighting, staging, etc. If you can divorce yourself from the glorification of the Nazi regime, you can appreciate the merits of this film purely on artistic grounds.

It is brilliant, plain and simple.

Triumph of the will point of

Ironically, the French awarded it a gold medal upon its release!Triumph of the Will. Goebbels, Riefenstahl, and Hitler. Triumph of the Will. Hitler knew the importance of repetition of his message rather by print,radio or even more powerful through the impact of film.

How to cite this page It alone gives the creative art of modern political propaganda its light and warmth.
[Theme: Documentaries] #3: Triumph of the Will () : TrueFilm In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Brian Winston, the prominent media scholar, has argued that the film might better be seen as the antithesis of persuasive propaganda and that it is more powerful as a warning against the very political and social ideas the film espouses rather than a successful projection of them.
Triumph of the Will () - Triumph of the Will () - User Reviews - IMDb The focus is on Hitler as he exits his plane, however, we see Hitler from the point of view of the crowd. Tell us what you need to have done now!
Leni began her long and extraordinary career as a dancer.

Slideshow by shiloh. Triumph Des Willens, as it is called in German, was a very successful film directed and filmed by Leni Riefenstahl who was contracted by the German Propaganda Ministry in The film is based around the events of the Sixth Nuremburg Party Congress and is filled with powerful speeches by Adolf Hitler, Josef Goebbels, Otto Dietrich, Rudolf Hess and other important leaders.

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"Triumph of the Will," says Dan Olson of the analytical video series Folding Ideas, "is not a triumph of cinema." Already the proposition runs counter to what many of us learned in film studies classes, whose professors assured us that Leni Riefenstahl's glorification of Nazi Germany, despite its thoroughly propagandistic nature, still counts as a serious achievement in film art.

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