Warrior cat mating stories write a story

I can somehow relate to how Sandstorm feels, which gives me a bit of a new respect for the character. I hope you like it and please leave a comment:

Warrior cat mating stories write a story

Share This is a story of all the medicine cats who have ever loved somecat, but never had the chance to live a life with them, which they now can in my story, by IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart. This takes place in a warriors world in which medicine cats could take mates and have kits, even though not many cats approve of that.

And we're also assuming that history before these stories were the same as in the books, because when I do Cinderpelt's story, Spottedleaf will be dead and Yellowfang in ThunderClan, even though their stories imply different, if you know what I mean.

Spottedleaf Longtail padded into her den angrily, spitting. Spottedleaf looked up from her herbs calmly and padded over to him.

warrior cat mating stories write a story

She chewed these into a poultice and made sure Longtail cleaned his ear with some moss and applied the herbs. She wrapped it in cobwebs then sat back. Longtail grumbled his way out of the den when she heard a yowl from the clearing. She raced outside where she saw Ravenpaw lying on the ground.

Spottedleaf padded up to Ravenpaw and started to treat him. Spottedleaf turned from a sleeping Ravenpaw to the entrance where she saw two green eyes shining in the shadows. Spottedleaf cocked her head groggily.

It had been a long day. Come out of the shadows. Spottedleaf immediately lost all connection to the world. Her eyes were glued to the tom. He was handsome and strong, with his muscles rippling under his ginger fur glowing silver in the moonbeams and his large green eyes that sparkled with gentleness, patience, and youth.

The tom cocked his head, "Spottedleaf? She turned and stammered, "O-of course. Come here and let me take a look. She started applying them with a paw. I find it soothing, too.

If you are really hurt you can stay in here, but you are a strong cat and these wounds will heal in no time," she purred. Firepaw blinked at her and his eyes betrayed that wasn't really what he had meant. Don't be silly, Spottedleaf, she shot her hopes down inwardly, Toms like Firepaw go after fiesty she-cats like Sandpaw.

Besides, he's younger than you and if he did like me, it would be frowned upon by most of my Clanmates even though medicine cats are allowed to take mates. Firepaw's eyes changed to a good-humored gleam, "Well, then. I might need some poppy seeds.

I am a restless sleeper and I don't know what Dustpaw would think if I rolled into his moss and overtop of him. Could you imagine what Sandpaw would think if I had somehow managed to end up in her nest.

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Or any of the nests around her at that! She hates me already and I'm sure restlessness won't get me anywhere. I will be your friend," Spottedleaf whispered.

And maybe much more, she silently added. I would like that. And Queen of the Herbs! Does the catmint remind you of twolegplace, kittypet? Is that why you came running in here to Spottedleaf?A collection of mating stories based upon cats from the Warriors series.

Submission form available at the end of chapter 1! For now only accepting canon cats. Follow/Fav Warrior cats mating: Cats from Erin Hunter's Warriors mate!

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Suggest new story ideas, may they be lust love or rape. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 5 - Words Aww, what a cute little ending! Please suggest new stories for me to right. Also, I have based Clawpaw on myself, giving . She remembered their names, well at least the she-cat's.

She saw Callingclound and a golden tabby tom mating. He let out yowls of joy as she let out yowls of amazment. "Go to every cat to tell them to be quiet." Brambleclaw nodded said the same order to each deputy and they all went to there clans, desperate for them to be quiet.

Dovepaw rolled her eyes, as Brambleclaw told to her to be quiet. Find out your warrior name, Clan, your rank, and pretty much how your life was as a warrior cat! Find out your warrior name, Clan, your rank, and pretty much how your life was as a warrior cat!

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