Web design assignments

Determine the goals for the site.

Web design assignments

After that we apply the given CSS style code to the created personal web page, and have a first impression about what CSS style can do. Before you start, please read the source code carefully and try to understand every single line Web design assignments code, and if you don't please ask the instructor.


Replace all the content inside the square brackt "[]" bracket with your own content, and save the file as "assign1. The orginal web page before you replace the items in square bracket looks like this. Your web page should look different since you replaced some of the contents with your own.

Step 2 In the previous example, all the contents are displayed in your browser by your browser's default display style, for example the background is white, the text color is black, and header 1 element is displayed in pixel bold Times Roman typeface etc.

We can change all of this display attributes by using style sheet. I'll give a detailed explanation about Internal Style Sheet and CSS in our following lectures, here you just need to apply the given internal style sheet to your web page created in STEP 1.

Copy the style sheet data in following text file into your "assign1. Step 3 Try to modify the "background-color", "font", "font-size", "color", "text-align" attributes in the style sheet given above, and assign your own values to these attributes to observe the difference when you apply different values.

Web design assignments

Here are some other values for other attributes try to apply these values to different style sheet elements. In that case, choose some fonts you like and assign the names of those fonts to the "font-family" attribute. Submission Submit the "assign1. If you don't know how to use FTP client to submit your assignment, click here for a detailed explanation.Web Design & Development I.

Final Project

Version Student Version. Home; Lessons; Resources; Student Assignment Checklist. In supporting browsers, this page should automatically print with page breaks between units, and column headings repeated at the top of each page.

For best results, print this page in landscape. Link your old WebAssign username with a new or existing Cengage account.

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CS Web Design - Assignment1

Assignments-> Assignment 1 Create A Simple Personal Web Page. In this exercise we use the knowledge from previous two classes to create a simple personal webpage. This is the first assignment of 3rd quarter and students have two weeks to complete this assignment in class or on their own.

The completed assignment must be E-MAILED to Mrs. Haythe (as an attachment or in the body of the e-mail) by MIDNIGHT OF THE DUE DATE. Designing and Building Interactive Websites Overview Syllabus Schedule Assignments Grading Policies Final Project Summary We are on the home stretch now for the final project.

Here is a summary of the components of the project that make up the entire final project, and the points associated with them for your grade. Some of these you.

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