Why subway is not popular in

Subway Survival Guide Jul 18 Subway sandwiches are popular as a healthy alternative to junky fast food. And we love the customizable approach to ordering! But while there are plenty of diet-friendly options, it's also easy to get into trouble in the calorie department. Check out our top picks and what to skip

Why subway is not popular in


A Subway restaurant Image: Getty Images Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email There's nothing like a foot-long sandwich from Subway to fill you up during a hungry lunchtime, and we all have our favourite fillings.

Are you more of a meatball marinara person, a steak and cheese or a veggie patty? Do you go for italian herb and cheese bread or honey oat?

Mayo or southwest sauce? If you're a fan of any of the chicken fillings, you might be disappointed to know that someone claiming to be a Subway employee has spilled some beans which might make you think twice about them. In a Reddit post, the 'employee', who goes by the name subwayworkeruk, invited other users to ask him anything Subway-related, and was totally honest in his replies.

When asked which items he would recommend and which we should avoid at all costs, he advised that customers stay away from the chipotle chicken and teriyaki chicken subs. However these two bypass this and get four days, and can get a little stinky.

Another Reddit user responded: With all of the shift changes and varying factors, we never knew how long this chicken was out between days. I quit after I got reprimanded for throwing out CT on the 5 day.

At least the UK apparently has stricter standards. His advice was to steer clear of the chicken Image: And when asked what the one thing in the store was that he wouldn't eat, he again said chicken because "it stinks when it comes out the bag.

Getty Which is the freshest? Surprisingly, it's the steak. Steak is probably the freshest, and safest. He had this information, too. Apparently the meatball marinara, chipotle chicken, tikka chicken, spicy Italian and BMT subs offer the best bang for your buck. Stuck for what to choose and just want to know what the most popular sandwich is?

He says the most ordered is a 6-inch meatball sauce with cheese on hearty italian bread, toasted with a lot of salad and southwest sauce.

What annoys Subway workers? This guy claims he gets a scowl on his face when customers ask for four or more sauces on their sub. But if you're a two-sauce kind of person, that's fine. Try the steak - apparently it's the freshest ingredient Image: Getty And if you've ever got out a ruler and found your foot-long isn't quite, well, a foot long, he's got an answer for this, too: In regards to shrinkage, minor shrinkage occurs when the bread is baked.

The way flatbread is made and prepared we give you 14inches.Aug 09,  · 1) Subway back in the early days Im talking , was actually pretty damn good, and no where near as bad as it is today.

Why subway is not popular in

2) I think its the make your own sandwich thing that makes it so popular. entremet. Subway on the other hand had the gimmick of baking buns in the store, had a wider selection of condiments that it didn't charge extra for and had a more varied menu of sandwiches.

Subway has a massive marketing and advertising machine behind it with frequent media buys on the once all important US prime time TV networks. Nov 16,  · Watch video · Subway’s U.S. sales last year declined 3 percent, or $ million, falling faster than any other of America’s top 25 food chains.

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