Writing a marathon fundraising letter

This is also one of the easiest fundraisers! You are simply writing a letter to family and friends asking them to join you in supporting a worthy charity.

Writing a marathon fundraising letter

Approach different branches of businesses for sponsorship and other charitable groups for partnership. Examples would be grocery stores, hotels and businesses catering to tourism, hardware and rental stores, athletic stores, printing businesses, local police or medical groups, non-profits with a different supporter demographic.

Partnerships with other charitable groups may not reduce your expenses, but may be helpful in increasing the number of participants in your marathon fundraiser.

Safety and health care Depending on the size of your event, you might have to ask for help from your local law enforcement. Plan on having volunteers along the race path to hand out water to participants. Set up tents with staff to help with minor ailments and first aid. Have an ambulance ready to go.

You might find volunteer help at your local community college. An artsy or abstract name may sound exciting, but will be counter productive when it comes to marketing the event. List a few possible choices and try them out on others: Does the name imply something else unintentionally?

How does it abbreviate? Does the name already come up in an online search? Does it sound too similar to another event? How to make money The possibilities are endless! Some ideas for your marathon fundraiser: Post all donations and offer special recognition to highest ones.

Besides preparing people for your marathon, these gatherings are a lot of fun, create buzz and add some extra income to your fundraiser! Unless your marathon is a very small event, plan on renting timing equipment where each runner receives a chip to attach to the shoelace or race bib which will automatically record their time as they cross the finish line.

Plan for plenty of volunteers and back-up volunteers and create and post a central plan for everyone involved that shows jobs, times, break times etc.

How do you keep it all organized? First of all, you need to delegate different jobs, but you can also take advantage of technology to automate some of these jobs.

See our list of 15 most popular online fundraising services and also check sites like Eventbrite. Marketing your fundraiser There are many ways to publicize your marathon.

Use creativity in your campaign to spread the word in advance. Related Articles And Services:Fundraising Letter Tips – Follow these tips for a better fundraising letter – Know who your audience is, why you are writing them, and what you want them to do.

Fundraising Letter Reply – General guidelines and mistakes to avoid with your fundraising letter reply devices. (updated link coming soon)Letter Writing CampaignOne of the most effective, easiest, and most traditional ways to raise money is to send personal letters or postcards.

These letters should describe what Dance Marathon is, explain your involvement and simply ask for donations. And second, it will help you keep track of your fundraising so that you can reach your goals. Team in Training Letter, Dear Friends & Family, Without a doubt, I am getting ready for the biggest challenge of my life.

On June 24, , I will be racewalking a marathon in Anchorage, Alaska! That’s miles, and yes all at once. Home > Fundraising Events > Tips for Running a Marathon Fundraiser. grant proposal writing, and determination of your overall goals.

Since planning for a marathon fundraiser will affect local roads, SAMPLE WORDING for 5 Components of a Fundraising Letter; How to Fundraise: A Guide for NEW Fundraisers. Fundraising, especially marathon ones, are almost always non-profitable and all the money raised is used for the intended cause.

The letter must be styled formally and persuasively.

writing a marathon fundraising letter

The reader of the letter must be persuaded to . The fundraiser has to be advertised in such a way that maximum people turn up.

Hence, a letter invitation can be sent for such purposes. A Marathon Fundraising Letter is used to send invitations to potential donors to join a specific cause for which the marathon is .

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