Writing about writing wordle ebook

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Writing about writing wordle ebook

History[ edit ] Composition is not widely recognized as its own discipline. Composition instructors strive to teach students how to become better writers. As public perception often shapes public policy, this uninformed view of composition as a legitimate field of study has contributed to a lack of funding and emphasis on composition classes in academia.

In the article, Downs and Wardle deny the existence of a universal educated discourse, which conflicts with first-year composition goals of preparing students to write across the curriculum. Downs and Wardle write that teaching students how to write across the curriculum supports the idea that "writing is not a real subject, that writing courses do not require expert instructors, and that rhetoric and composition are not genuine research areas or legitimate intellectual pursuits.

While these were different types of students who had different learning outcomes, both stories illustrate the flexible nature of WAW and how this type of course can be tailored towards individual student needs. The authors discuss several benefits they observed of using WAW to teach first-year composition, but also indicate the presence of challenges associated with teaching this kind of course, and address both these challenges as well as critiques they received from colleagues.

The authors conclude that an implementation of WAW-centered classes in first-year composition professionalizes writing instruction, and raises awareness about writing studies as a legitimate discipline.

She reaffirms their main point as being "that we should reconceive the nature of FYC goals and focus on the content knowledge we have as a field from which students can benefit.

Doug and I are arguing that composition instructors should refuse to separate knowledge about writing from practice in writing and some instruction on how to complete the writing tasks at hand.

The differences between these two courses, she explains, are both audience and purpose. Downs and Wardle expanded have produced an accompanying textbook, Writing about Writing: A College Reader, which was published in By reading articles that a composition studies student might read, the first-year composition student is able to gain further insight into the ongoing conversation centered around writing.

In her article "Writing about Writing in Basic Writing ," Shannon Carter explains "a writing-about-writing approach foregrounds research in writing and related studies by asking students to read and discuss key research in the discipline and contribute to the scholarly conversation themselves.

Many instructors who use WAW are also benefited in that they themselves are able to learn more about composition studies along with their class, promoting parallel learning.

In an article titled "Seeing is Believing: Also, the article reports on several instructors incorporating graduate level writing-studies readings into their first-year writing courses with much success. Charlton writes, "Students were engaged and were developing research questions and projects that rivaled my on senior-level composition theory class, both in terms of complexity and overall quality of finished products.

Carter points out instructors only account for a small portion of the composition community, and therefore disagreement is common and "often in fundamental ways. He compares WAW to students who take courses that raise their awareness of social problems.

While students gain a greater sense of these issues through these courses, rarely do they display behavioral changes in regards to these issues. Kutney also argues that an increased awareness of writing studies may result in students becoming more comfortable with validating their insufficiencies as a writer because they now recognize the difficulties expert writers have, and not because they now comprehend "the nuances of the composing process.

Kutney writes, "While First-Year Composition may not do much to develop the writing abilities of students, Downs and Wardle offer no reason to think that Introduction to Writing Studies, a course that does not purport to teach writing, will do more.Each writing prompt listed below may also be used for a group Halloween writing project with kids and are especially useful for students in 1st through 3rd grade.

You can add some excitement to the writing project by having students incorporate their costume ideas into their holiday writing. The conversation on writing about writing continues on the authors' blog, Write On: Notes on Writing about Writing (a channel on Bedford Bits, the Bedford/St.

Martin's blog for teachers of writing). Go to attheheels.coms: Free Tools for Writers, Bloggers and Solopreneurs by Karen Banes is a handy book, especially for someone who is just getting started in blogging or writing for publication.

A bit misleading, in that some of her so-called ‘free’ tools actually do have a price tag attached, it is nonetheless a good document to have on your computer for /5(). How To Write A Book And Change Your Life #writing.

Article Writing & Content Writing Projects for $ - $ I'm looking for a writer/ghost writer to create a short Ebook on the benefits of Diamond Painting (DIY Arts & Crafts niche). There is a decent amount of rehashed information floating around the web bu. Writing about Writing - Kindle edition by Elizabeth Wardle, Douglas Downs.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Writing about Writing. As mentioned many times the eBook version does not have any page numbers.

writing about writing wordle ebook

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