Young love vs chanel no 5 a

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Young love vs chanel no 5 a

I smelled it a year ago and barely remember a thing about this fragrance other than the fact that it smells a bit posh but otherwise inconsequential. Cleaned up spice that I want to say smells like pink pepper. The spice is laid over a sweet bed of sheer florals. Spicy from the pink pepper then a bit floral as Chance is a sweet, young, modern floral oriental without any of the musk or animalic qualities that make floral orientals a classic hit.

When Chance dies down it is a sheer sweet floral affair still with a mingling of cleaned up white musk.

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It is a well-behaved member of the mainstream, modern Chanel fragrance family. Seems that Chance has hit a good mark with the modern perfume wearing woman as aside from Coco Mademoiselle, this is one of the fragrances I smell most often on other women.

Though I have to say, Coco or No. Chance is bottled in a cute circle container with a square for a cap. I do rather like the way that Chance and its line of flankers is packaged as I always loved how Chanel always maintained wonderfully minimalist bottle designs.

White musk, hyacinth, citron, pink pepper, jasmine, vetiver, orris absolute, amber, patchouli. Due to its increasing popularity, it is also one of the most counterfeited perfumes.

Reviewed in This Post: Chance,Eau de Parfum.Sometimes a woman wants to smell like a woman, but spend like a woman-on-a-budget. This accessible Liz Claiborne scent features many of the same fragrance notes as No.

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Young love vs chanel no 5 a

Dior vs Chanel Perfume. Graphic Design, Advertising, Product Design, 11 0 This is my Chanel No.5 Design. The posters are designed in vintage style, combined with watercolour to illustrated the richness and special scent of No Hope you like my design. Thank you for watching.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 07, Allure chanel is so elegant and unique, similar to Allure sensualle (thats discontinued) maybe a little softer its my night perfume and sometimes day, worth every single dime love it! Its predecessor, Chanel No.

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5, was the bottle that launched a thousand obsessions—and we have a hunch this one will follow suit. Like the original, it uses aldehydes, synthetic molecules that.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 28, Yes, Chanel has had many of its fragances reformulated due to European standards but Coco Mademoiselle is still a favourite of mine, and I think the reformulation works beautifully.

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